Struggles make your path to success. struggles make your path

Envy is a successful businesswoman. She has her businesses. She has everything that she needs. Wherever she can go is her preference.

She can buy anything at any time. Envy has a big luxury house and a BMW car. Everyone appreciates her. Envy is the role model of many girls who live in her area.

The people who lived in her area; know how much Envy struggled to come to her present. She did not have a flowery road to her success. 

Always, when she talks about her success; she tells her hard work because she knows if she did not do such kind of hard work, she can not be a successful woman.

When she started her journey not as an entrepreneur but as a cleaner hospital. At that time, she was 17 years old. As a trainer, she had to clean washrooms. In the beginning, she was nervous about cleaning, but a few days later she thought whatever job she got; she would do her best.

The cleaning officer was satisfied with her duties after three months, she got a promotion to clean the floor. She was so happy because she needed a change for her cleaning service.

A lot of people asked her questions, “Why she is here? She is too young? You can find a good job. This job is not suited for you”. To all these questions she replied with a simple smile and said nothing.

The cleaning job was also not what she wanted but unfortunately, she had to come to it. Then she thought there were no good or bad jobs. It all depends on how much we give it from our best. Suddenly her mother got sick.

She had to say goodbye to the hospital and find another job near her home. She searched everywhere for a job. Envy was a cute girl, so some people tried to cheat on her. But she knew how to identify people. In her area new restaurant opened. She went to meet the manager and asked him for a job.

She told him she was good enough at cleaning and she told her experience as a cleaner. The manager told me all the vacancies were over. She thought it was her last chance to get a job because she did not find any other jobs. Envy begged for a job. She told her helplessness and she had a job and left it to take care of her mother.

The owner of the restaurant asked what is the conversation between the girl and the manager about. Because he saw Envy’s eyes were full of tears. The manager replied to him that she was looking for a job. 

The owner told him to manage to get her as a servant with half of his salary. She thanked him and the next day came to work. It was not an easy job to do. From morning to night, she had to serve food to people.

Somedays she did not have time to take her lunch as well. Not only that she worked full day but got half of the salary. She bears all these things. She didn’t care how much tired she was. She served food with a smile. She learned how to treat customers well. She was willing to take care of her mother and their expenses with her small salary.

She learned management from it. She had the skill to crochet. Envy learned crocheting from her mother when she was a child. She didn’t have enough money to buy clothes for winter. So, she bought wool balls and crocheted beautiful sweaters, hats, cardigans, and scarfs for her and her mother.

She wore them to the workplace. Not only the workers, but the customers also asked her where she had bought all these clothes. When they realized it made by her, they asked Envy to do some designs for themselves as well. Her entrepreneurial journey started from it. More than her salary she earned from her little business. But she did not leave the job. She made a good customer base for her business. Envy got a good profit from them.

After that, she started to open a crocheting store. She got a tiny room for rent. Her business gave her enough money to pay the rent. She left the job and started to focus on her business. Her mother’s support is always with her. She bought the rented room permanently. Envy introduced new designs day by day.

The customers are attracted to it. Under Envy, three employees started to work. She spread her clothing brand all over the state. When people asked How you have bear all the struggles and become a success businesswoman?”. She replied, “I learned how to clean well from my cleaning job. 

I learned how to treat customers well from a servant job. I learned to be patient when the bad is coming from working a whole day and getting half of my salary. I am satisfied with what I have. I never changed my smile whether it was bad weather or good one. So, I am here.” struggle make your path

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