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setmaas.com Feel beauty of the nature

Lots of buildings, lots of roads, many factories, pollution, and busy lives are the common factors in the modern world. Parents are busy, children busy, lovers are busy, and everyone is busy. With the technology, they are busier in their lives.

Technology makes work easier but people do not get time to look around their surroundings. Technological development gives them a smart life but not a calm life.

With their busy fullness, people become stressed, and they panic not only that but also, but they also use their free time with technological devices. Such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. The most popular example is video games.

Because of all these facts, day by day people are forgetting about nature. Because of the virtual and augmented reality, they started to live in that reality without looking at the exact reality.

The buildings or developed roads could not feel emotions. Only can make them by human beings. Not even technology can feel emotions.

They do only what we input or what we develop. So, it can not fix broken hearts but nature does.

Nowadays people suffering from pollution. They caused many sicknesses not only physically but also mentally. They are searching for medicines for their illnesses. But they don’t know the best medicine is nature.

Nature is free for everyone without any restrictions. Children, younger, oldest everyone can feel it. If you can or cannot, nature always open for you. It cares for everyone. It has emotions. Nature can change its attitudes according to a person. It always hears. No matter how huge the pain always nature patiently hears you. It can be your best friend.

Nature is everywhere. The only reason is people do not look at it. They forget about it. You don’t need to go anywhere. Nature is always with you. Rain, sun, moon, day, night, seasons, flowers, forests, every feature of nature has its beauty.

 setmaas.com Feel beauty of the nature

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The beauty of nature can feel according to your desires. Everyone has different kinds of perspectives and sufferings. To every suffering and problem, nature has solutions.

Start your journey early in the morning. Drink plenty of water put on a clay pot and feel the freshness. You can see the sunrise. How the sun wakes up and by his sun raises how he lights the world. You will get an idea to light up your life as well. You hear birds singing. They sing their songs.

So, you can hear different types of songs. You feel the rhythms of nature. It makes your day. When the sun rises on the dews, it shines like diamonds. You can feel the morning vibe never before you feel. You will feel and enjoy the nature. Take off your slippers.

Put your feet on the grass. Have a walk on it. Your feet feel the greenness. It will be a natural massage to your feet. Only a few minutes do meditation in these surroundings. It relaxes your mind and makes it calm. You will ask yourself self Why you didn’t try this before? You will understand the happiness.

Not only that through nature your suffering will disappear. You don’t need a specific day or time for it. Before you start your daily routine you can have a few minutes for this. It doesn’t cost. It does not make you busy. If you feel nature like this your busy and stressful life will turn into heaven.

In every busy life, it has at least only one break for a week. Sometimes you can have it from your perspective and sometimes you will get it according to your workplace. But you can’t say you are too busy. If you are a too busy person. This will help to make you feel free.

Most of the time people wish to be a bird. It is not because only birds can fly but also they fly freely. They have the freedom to fly. That’s why people like to be a bird. You know something, you don’t need to be a bird to fly freely. You can fly been yourself. You will be wondering how we can do that. The nature gives you that feeling.

Take a break. Get a bicycle. Have a ride. Don’t pre-decide where is your route. Ride your bicycle slowly and feel the wind and nature. See how flowers bloom and spread their orders to the earth by joining with the wind. Go through a dusty road and smell the earth. Ride through big trees that give you shade. You will feel your freedom.

setmaas.com Feel beauty of the nature

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When you ride your bicycle through nature you feel like you are a bird that freely flies in the sky. Go to a paddy field and see how grains are growing. The paddy fields are the best place that you can deal with nature.

To live our lives nature gives everything. Food, water, places, greenness, lights, oxygen, etc. But people forget about it. If we treat ourselves well, nature will treat back us well. When you are going to a paddy field, you have to make the field, you have to grow the seeds, need water, need to take care of the field, and fertilize it as well. It seems like hard but when do it, it is so joyful.

When you see the seeds become to plants and ready to harvest, at that moment you will feel the real victory of a life.

You have so many ways to live with nature. Not only on sunny days but also on rainy and snowy days you can feel and enjoy nature. Most of the time people get stressed with experiencing by same thing or the same conditions.

They need a change. The nature always offers you changes. It changes the weather. It changes seasons. Yes of course you can nicely go out on sunny days. But we can’t say you can not go outside on rainy and snowy days. It is hard but you can go, it also gives you a chill. Don’t suffer. Be happy it’s always in your hand. On rainy days, most of the time you will be free in the evening. So, make the best coffee that you can make and keep a table and a comfortable chair for you in front of the house or balcony or near a window. 

setmaas.com Feel beauty of the nature

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Select your favorite book. Start to read it having your coffee during the rain. See how the rain is coming down through the sky. If the sky thunders, don’t be scared. Think that is how your suffering and pains are removed from you.

You will be closer to nature day by day. It will protect you. Life is for joy not for suffering. So, make sure to enjoy your life and not to forget enjoy it with nature.

setmaas.com Feel beauty of the nature

Photo credits – Pixabay

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