The Best Therapist Has Full of Fur and four Legs

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When George Robinson needed a pet, he was ten years old. He yearned to have a dog as his pet, inspired by his neighbor’s puppy, Lucy.

George always asked his parents to get him a dog, but they did not allow him to have a dog.

Every time George asked for a dog, they would say, “You are too little. You could not be able to take care of a dog at this age.” George never changed his mind, and again and again asked for a dog.

He usually went to his neighbor’s house to see his puppy. Charlie was a very kind man. He always opened his door to this little dog lover.

Lucy was a cute little puppy. She has a full coat of fur in her body. On the very first day, Lucy sniffed George and looked into his eyes, but when George tried to touch her fur, she ran away.

George offered a piece of chocolate bun to Lucy, and touched her. That was how they became friends. They were very close to each other. If we explain their closeness, Lucy never had her meals without seeing him.

George started his day by seeing the puppy. He fed her, take care of her, not only that on every Sunday George go for a walk with Lucy. She loved it so much.

George’s parents were happy because he has stopped asking for a dog as his pet, but they knew that the idea had not left in his mind, and he was giving all his love to Lucy.

They understood their son’s love for Lucy, so they did not stop George from visiting Charlie’s house.

Time passed beautifully, and somehow George has fulfilled his desire because he had Lucy to feel that he had a pet, because of it, he was happy. They had many adventures.

George’s 11th birthday became special to him because on his birthday he realized Lucy’s and his birthdays were the same. It was the best gift he had on his birthday, and George offered his first piece of cake to Lucy as a birthday gift for her.

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The Robinson family arranged an enjoyable picnic during their summer vacation, but George told his parents, “Without Lucy, I will not come to the picnic.” George’s parents were not too happy to see Lucy come with them, but they had no other option, so they allowed lucy to come with them. With Charlie’s permission, George took Lucy to their summer picnic.

During the picnic, Mr and Mrs. Robinson also started to love Lucy by seeing her cuteness. More than him, his parents played with Lucy. George spent an enjoyable picnic, and seeing his parents love Lucy made him really happy.

For three years, George and Lucy celebrated their birthdays together, but unfortunately, they were unable to celebrate their 4th year because Lucy was not going to be there anymore. Charlie sold his house, and he was going to move to another place. He came with Lucy the day before George’s birthday to say goodbye.

When George heard his best friend was going far away from him, he cried and begged Charlie not to take away Lucy from him. “Please Charlie, I can take care of Lucy. Please, keep her with me.” He cried. His parents tried to control him, but they could not.

Charlie said to George, “I know it is too difficult to me to take away your Lucy from you, little boy, but what should I do? I have to go. I pray for you to have a pet as adorable as Lucy. I know to lucy, also it is difficult to aware from you too.

George hugged Lucy tightly because he knew it was his last hug. He cried loudly. Lucy barked, as if she also did not want to say goodbye to him.

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George tried his best to keep Lucy with him, but Oh life! He failed. He could not do anything Somehow Charlie had made his final decision.

George ran into his room, locked the door, and started to cry. He cried the whole day. His parents understood George’s situation, and left him to cry and get away from his because they understood that if he could not get away from this pain, he could be in a panic.

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson were worried about George’s birthday because they knew without Lucy, George would never celebrate his birthday.

George had planned his birthday party, decorations, cake, and everything, but unfortunately, everything turned into a pathetic situation.

Especially, he designed his birthday cake not only for him but also for Lucy. He asked his parents to make it with chocolate because Lucy loves chocolate. George had not eaten his meals the whole day.

Lucy also did the same. Charlie gave her favorite chocolate bun, but she did not even look at it.

Both suffered from pain. On George’s birthday, he had a very dull mood. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson had made some surprises for their young boy, but pain covered him.

Suddenly, George heard Lucy’s sound, but he thought it was his inner mind. The bell rang. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson opened the door, and there was the true surprise.

Lucy ran towards George, and he hugged Lucy like there was no place for Lucy to escape.

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Charlie entered the house and said, “You are the one who really needs Lucy. I need to see only her happiness.

During our journey, I understood the bond between you and Lucy. From now onwards, she is yours.” George thanked him and said, “This is the best gift that I can get in my entire life.

Thank you so much, Charlie, for your kindness. I promise to you, Lucy will be the happiest dog in the world.” Mr. and Mrs. Robinson also felt happy with Lucy’s arrival.

George jumped and enjoyed his gift by saying, “I do have a dog. I do have my own Lucy. I love her so much.”

Lucy became a part of the Robinson family, and Lucy and Lucy and George happily bid farewell to Charlie, and started a new chapter in their life with a smile.

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