Give love unconditionally to anyone, in any situation,then it will come back to you.

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Paul gave Kiko to Anne on her 18th birthday as a birthday gift. Anne and Paul were not siblings nor were they not lovers. But Paul lived with Anne’s family since he was 5 years old because he lost his parents in an accident when he was a child.

Anne’s parents got Paul from an orphanage because after their marriage they did not have children for ten years. Then Mr. and Mrs. Williamson decided to get a child from an orphanage.

Little Paul always cried asking his parents. When he saw Mr. and Mrs. Williamson he ran and caught Mrs. Williamson’s hand and looked at her eyes. At that moment she decided to take care of this poor little boy.

When Paul turned 7 years old. Mr. and Mrs. Williamson heard good news as a birthday blessing but it was not for Paul but it was for them. That was Anne’s arrival. Because of that Mr. and Mrs. Williamson believed Paul was a blessing to their family.

Kiko was a puppy who had a cute face that could attract love and care from everyone. Paul got Kiko from an orphanage. One day when he went with a friend to get a dog for him. While searching for a good puppy Kiko flews got near the cage and he caught Paul from his trousers’ bottom part.

He did not bite. When Paul turned back and looked at him. His eyes were on Paul’s eyes and he rolled like he found his owner. It took Paul’s heart, and he decided to get Kiko. Kiko remembered Paul’s childhood to him.

Paul knew how much love and care needed to a little one more than anyone. Because he knew how it feels when there is nobody to take care of himself and how the loneliness feels.

Anne treated Paul as her brother when they were children but when they grew up Anne did not much care about Paul. She always
thought Paul did not belong to their family and she thought he was acting like he loves her.

But Paul always thought of Anne as his sister. When Paul gave Kiko to Anne, he told her “Anne, I do not know if you will take this gift or not. I know now you are not much more like me. But to me still, you are my little sister. I believe Kiko will teach you how much I love you because dogs have pure hearts full of love. They do not leave you in any kind of a situation.

I am also like that. I believe he will bring us together. You, mama and Dad all of you are the world to me. One time I lost my family but I do not want to lose it again.” Anne replied to Paul, “This is a present. So, I am not going to refuse it but how sad, that you and this poor little dog are in the same situation. Let’s see what will happen.

If he willing to bring us together or not.” She made a crafty smile and went away. When Anne saw Kiko her inner mind told her he was the best gift that she got. But her ego did not accept.

On the very first day, Anne tries to act like she does not love Kiko. But Kiko followed her wherever she went. Mr. and Mrs. Williamson was not involved in this matter they left Paul and Anne to solve their problem on their own.

Kiko felt hunger and he went to Anne and started to show her he was in hunger. She gave him his breakfast. It reminded her how she asked for food from Paul without having any hunger but only to see his love towards her by seeing if he gave her a part of his meal or not.

Every time Paul gave a part of his favorite meal to Anne. Anne started to dislike Paul because her best friend Natalia told her that, “Paul is doing all these things for his purposes and not for real. He wanted to show your parents that he loves you and to show he cares for you.

Then your parents also love Paul more than you. They are your parents, not his.” But Anne did not know she said that kind of thing because Paul took care of Anne more than Natalia’s brother took care of her. So, she was jealous of Anne.

Kiko ate all the meals and showed his love to Anne by rolling in front of her. It took Anne’s heart when she closed to touch Kiko suddenly Paul appeared then she blamed Kiko and moved away.

Paul told her, “Little sissy I know you love Kiko but you are not showing it like still your heart believes I am your brother but you are not showing it.

Remember if we love someone with pure heart it will come back to us as well.” She went to her room and shut the door shouty.

Paul called Kiko to come closer and he told him, “Kiko, Anne is a good girl. I don’t know what happened to her. You are my angel. I know you are the one who made us again together.” Kiko waved his tail as he agreed with him.

The next day, Anne was watering into her roses. Kiko came and played with water. It attracted Natalia. She also played with water with Kiko. She loved Kiko but because of her anger with Paul, she hid it. Again, she remembered how she and Paul played with water when Mama
watering her garden. Suddenly that happiness became anger.

She said, “It was the past it will never come back again.” She turned back to go into the house. But she did not see a piece of glass on the down. Kiko came to her and he caught that glass piece from his mouth and threw it away. If he didn’t do that Anne’s leg would be wound. Kiko is a very intelligent dog. He knew Anne was full of love towards him. Anne cried cuddling Kiko. She said, “I hurt you Kiko but why have you always tried to protect me.

Try to take care of me. You also like Paul.” She cried. She promised Kiko that she won’t hurt him anymore. She understood she could not be able to hide her love for Kiko. After seeing Anne and Kiko become best friends Paul was happy.

He believed that someday his sister would talk to him, and love him. In summer, Kiko and Anne went for a walk. Natalia also joined with them.

Anne told to Natalia, “Natalia it seems like my head is killing me. Don’t know why but I feel a heavy headache.” Natalia replied, “the sun is near to boom. See today is hot. I think that’s why you feel bad.” Anne said, “Yeah. I’m also thinking like that.” Natalia said, “Anne you sit on a bench I will come quickly Ben ringing. I think he has come to see me.” Anne replied, “You didn’t tell me he will come. Oh! It’s all fine Kiko is with me now. You go and come fast.

I can’t tell you not to go because he is your boyfriend and I’m your best friend.” Natalia again said, “I can’t leave you in this kind of a situation you are too important to me. I didn’t get time to tell you. But don’t worry I will be back in five minutes.” Natalia has gone. Kiko put their head on Anne’s legs and he was looking at Anne’s face. Half an hour had gone by. Natalia did not come back.

Anne told to Kiko, “I knew she would not be coming back. It’s alright Kiko you are with me. I don’t feel sad. Let’s go to home.” Anne took Kiko in her arms and walked. Suddenly she fainted.

When Anne wakes up. She was in her room. Mama, Dad, Kiko, and Natalia
were also around her, but Paul was not. Anne thanked to Natalia, “You came back to help me. Thank you so much, Natalia. I am glad to have you as my best friend.” Natalia showed a shameful face and said, “No Anne. It’s not me who saved you. It’s your brother and Kiko who saved you.

You are really glad to have a brother like Paul and a pet like Kiko. I’m sorry Anne. I told you a lie. I had a jealousy of your brotherhood. I’m sorry.” Anne said, “How dare you do this to me, Natalia. How much I hated my brother and because of that I hurt Kiko as well.” Mama said, “Honey, when you fainted, Kiko came to Paul and took him to you. That is how he saved you. You are indebted to Kiko.” Anne took Kiko and hugged him tightly, saying, ‘You are the best pet in the world, Kiko. I love you so much.

My brother always chooses the best for me.” Anne went to Paul’s room and hugged him. She asked him to forgive her. Paul said, “See, I have told you Kiko will make us together. It has happened. You know if we truly love it will definitely come back to you.” Because of Kiko, harmony came to Anne and Paul. If he were not there, there not would be harmony. It shows a dog can spread love and harmony everywhere with his pure heart.

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