Don’t give up you are a chosen one. God has already made you the best.

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Carmelo lives in a rural area in Canada. He wasn’t rich but from qualities and attitudes, he was one of the richest men in the world.

Camelo is the eldest son in his family. He had two brothers and one little sister. His mother worked as a cleaner in an office near their house.

Father worked as a fisherman. Because of their poorness, the church donated them a small house. It was not that much comfortable but it was good for cover. But Carmelo and his family lived happily.

Carmelo liked to go to school. But their family was unable to bear that kind of expense because education costs much.

The lucky boy Carmelo got a chance to be educated because one day when Carmelo went to the church the faster understood he was a very talented boy. So, he decided to help with his education.

Carmelo was so happy. The time ran happily. But unfortunately, when he was 12 years old his father passed away. It became a bad time not only for Carmelo but also for his family. Her mother took all the responsibilities of the family.

She worked hard. But her salary was not enough for the family expenses. So, she worked after finishing the cleaning job in a house as a servant as well.

Because of that Carmelo had to take care of his siblings until his mother came home.

Somedays he did not go to school because when his siblings got sick, he had to be in the house.

His mother’s office has cleaning machines. So, her mother lost her job as a cleaner. The servant’s salary was so low that Carmelo and his family had to take only two meals per day. Carmelo and his mother bear that but his younger brothers and sister always cry asking for the third meal.

Carmelo took all the responsibilities of his family upon his shoulders. He left school. It was so hard for Carmelo because he loved to educate. He asked his mother not to work until night only work for daytime.

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She refused it and said that she could not do that if she did that, they couldn’t even get at least one meal for the day. Not only that when Carmelo asked her permission to go for a job, she refused it as well. Carmelo explained to his mother only she can’t take care of the family.

Mother was not happy but she was also helpless at that moment.

Carmelo seeks a job to do but because of his age, all the people refuse him as a labor. Because they know child laboring is
prohibited in their country and the punishments for that.

But Carmelo had the fortune to get a job. He found a job in a garage 12 km away from his house. He did not have money for bus fare.

Every day he walked to the garage. It was so difficult for him because he was unable to have energy with only two meals.

But he was willing to survive that. The very first day he struggled a lot because he did not know about anything.

His eyes were covered with tears. The owner of the garage was a very humble and kind person.

He told to this poor little boy that doesn’t cry because facing his destiny is difficult but if you identify what is your destiny it is
easy to live.

He said, “We are all born with empty hands. It is our responsibility to fill them. Not knowing anything Is ok. You are still twelve.

But if you grow without knowing anything will drag you down. Then you have to end your life journey with empty hands too.

You can learn. Remember to learn not to cry.” Carmelo was an intelligent boy. He kept in his mind what the owner had told him as a life lesson.

The next day, the owner of the garage ordered him to clean the garage every morning and every night.

So, Carmelo had to wake up early in the morning before starting the daily work of the garage and he should to waited to clean the garage until he finished the daily work of the garage.

Some days he went home at midnight because cleaning the garage took so much time.

His hands turn black because of oils, grease, and dust. Not only that he had to lift heavy tools as well. Those were weighted for his small hands.

Some days his hands were wounded. He took all these struggles as a blessing. His salary won to give a third meal to his family. His mother was proud of him and she secretly cried thinking of him.

The workers in the garage were not present to Carmelo, they didn’t treat him well. But Carmelo endured all their behaviors and treated them well.

After being a cleaner in the garage for three years, he developed some skills in the mechanism by seeing how vehicles were repaired by the others.

One day while all the workers were having their lunch a car came for an emergency. But there was no one to repair it. Carmelo asked permission from the workers to repair the car.

They laughed at him and told him, “You have never repaired a vehicle. How do you identify the errors? The car came for a repair, not for a cleaning service.” Carmelo begged for one chance to repair it. So, to give him a punishment the workers gave him a chance.

It did not take an hour for him to repair the car. As an expert, he did his work clean and neat. It saw the owner of the garage and
he told Carmelo to work as a mechanic in his garage.

The other workers also identify the talents inside Carmelo and they are sorry to him for everything that they did before. Carmelo had a good salary for his hard work.

He was able to send his siblings to the school. Day by day he learned. In the garage more than the other workers Carmelo became more talented and more professional in the profession. He became a famous mechanic in his area.

When he turned 22, he started his garage. In the beginning, he was the only one who worked in his garage. Six months later he took two employees to his garage and two years later in his garage 17 employees were worked.

Carmelo became the owner of the biggest garage in his state. His garage provided the best service in his area.

If he had left his life in of midst of economic difficulties, he would never have achieved this kind of achievement. Always life is too difficult we are the ones who need to make it easy.

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